The Dreaded Dandelion

“All around me are bee haters, spider killers, dirt phobics, and dandelion destroyers, which for some reason are detested on front lawns, but not in gourmet salads. ” (excerpted from my article, “Earth Mother,” 1999, Holistic Living magazine)

I am an inveterate New Yorker. But for 14 years I lived with my family in a historic village (founded in 1701) in New Jersey, on a large tract of designated green acres–an area flanked by beautiful old family farms. It was a utopian world right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. In the time that we were there, we watched as fuel got cheaper, cars got bigger, highways expanded, and rapid development began to overtake the farmland, planting more  strip malls and McMansions than produce in the Garden State. It was a land of sprawling front and backyards, open fields and public parks. Each spring as the  first of the flowers appeared, simultaneously alongside them, bright yellow herbicide/pesticide flags began to crop up on lawns. Continue reading “The Dreaded Dandelion”