Hooray for CSA!

In my adult life I have gone from urban dweller to country/burbs dweller, back to urban dweller, to my current status somewhere in between as resident of Brooklyn, NY, where not only does a tree grow, but flowers and food as well. When I lived rurally, I dabbled in growing veggies then I discovered CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture). CSAs got started in the US over twenty years ago. In that time, I’ve been a member of three different CSAs. I love the communal aspect of it, the access to healthy seasonal foods, and being able to support a local farmer.

My daughter, Sophie, took an anthropology class in college this year called, “Feast or Famine.” She was given the assignment to write a paper about a food memory. She wrote about her memories of the CSA we belonged to when she was a young child in rural New Jersey. At 19, she now realizes that belonging to a CSA in the 1990s was atypical. Here’s an excerpt from her paper:

“At a young age, my mother started taking me with her on her weekly pilgrimages to the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Farm. The farm was about twenty minutes from our home. When we got there, my sister and mom and I would pick up our pre-paid share of vegetables from the farm stand and then go out into the fields to pick certain items ourselves. Once there, I loved helping mom pick out the best cherry tomatoes, snow peas, and strawberries straight from the ground. Sometimes I would snack on our pickings after my mom splashed the raw item with a little water to clean off the dirt. Continue reading “Hooray for CSA!”