Fit to Be Tied

This morning on the subway, a young guy was attempting to tie his tie while his girlfriend looked on. I overheard him say that he remembered his father first teaching him to tie a tie–a memory no doubt that a lot of young men share. But it’s actually a memory I share as well. In the late 1970s, caught up in the Annie Hall tie and vest fashion craze, I asked my dad if he had any old ties I could have. My father was well known for always being the most dapper guy in the room. He punctuated his suits with the many ties we had given him over the years for his birthday and Father’s Day. Without even asking why, he pulled out a Wanamaker’s gift box from the closet, filled to the brim with ties that no longer made his fashion cut. I had a field day! But of course what good is a tie if you don’t know how to tie it. So my dad, typically unphased by anything out of the ordinary, (if his children were asking for something, we must have our reasons), gave me, his only daughter, a lesson on how to tie a tie. As I watched the young man on the subway struggle with his neckware, I thought about how it’s usually the little moments in life that we remember and cherish–the ties that bond!

One thought on “Fit to Be Tied

  1. Susan Kochman

    You paint a lovely picture in my mind. It makes me think about my own father who was a good looking man, but not nearly as dapper as your father.

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