For one reason or another, I’ve found myself six degrees…from nearly everything. A Life in Many Small Parts includes random writings, thoughts and activism; drawn from life experiences, a deep well of family history, motherhood, eco-etiquette and more.


As a learning materials designer, writer and educational consultant, I have worked with leading publishers and interactive products companies. I began my career as a Research Assistant at NBC and RCA with a focus on ratings, the Olympics, Saturday Night Live and videodiscs. I was a Program Analyst for Nickelodeon, MTV and The Movie Channel. I went on to be a writer, editor and educational software designer for Scholastic. I helped design materials for a children’s literacy program and for a children’s museum. I authored a book on HIV/AIDS for teens. I was the scriptwriter and co-creator of Who Is Oscar Lake, an award-winning CD-ROM learning adventure game and the educational consultant for the interactive learning product, Toby Terrier and Friends.

Experiential Environmental Education 

I became very concerned about our natural environment and our changing climate, particularly the health and justice issues impacting children and other vulnerable populations. I trained as an experiential environmental educator and have been working to create healthy, sustainable communities through awareness, advocacy and action. I created the Barbara WOW (Wonders of the World) Workshop; designed numerous educational, environmental materials and programs; led experiential activities; initiated a nationwide energy awareness campaign called, “How Many Jews Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?” oversaw JCC Grows, a program with the goal of creating community gardens as part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to promote healthy eating and address childhood obesity and food insecurity; and I continue to engage in a range of eco advocacy actions.


I have explored spirituality through Kabbalistic teachings, Kirtan chanting, goddesses and a Zen/Jewish mindful meditation kayaking excursion through Alaska’s Tongass, the largest remaining temperate rain forest in the world. The journey continues…

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